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Smilende chauffør i en gul bus


Buy your ticket with the Sydtrafik app or use Rejsekort


  • You can buy a single ticket in Sydtrafik Mobilbillet app or with cash in the bus.
    The bus driver only accepts Danish Kroner and can only provide change up to the nearest 100 kr.

    Single tickets to the bus are not valid in trains operated by DSB or Arriva. However, if you buy a single ticket to the train from DSB or Arriva, the ticket is also valid in Sydtrafiks buses.

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  • Single tickets for the bus can be bought in the Sydtrafik Mobilbillet app, which is available in English.

    The app can be download from App Store and Google Play, and it is possible to pay in the app with international credit cards.

  • If you are travelling to and from Billund Airport from Esbjerg or Vejle you can buy predefined ready-to-use tickets in the app.

    Download the Sydtrafik Mobile Ticket app from Google Play or App Store. 

    You will find them under 'Buy special ticket'

Foreign citizens

  • Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train and Metro.

    Rejsekort is typically the cheapest ticket unless you often travel on the same distance.
    If so, a Rejsekort with commuter periods is a good option.

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  • If you travel the same distance daily a Rejsekort with commuter periods or a period ticket in the Sydtrafik Mobilbillet App might be the cheapest option.
    During a fixed period, you can travel as much as you like on a distance you choose.

    It is your choice whether you buy your commuter period in Sydtrafik Mobilbillet app or on

    Buy and read more about Rejsekort with commuter options

  • If you are 16-19 years old, a student on a youth education programme or a student on a higher education programme, you can get a public transportation pass called ‘Ungdomskort’.

    Read more about Ungdomskort 

    If you have any questions, contact our customer service


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